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Should I buy a refurbished iPhone?

Jun 15, 2022Michael Francis Blackman

Smartphones, especially the Apple iPhone, are notoriously expensive, with many handsets retailing for upwards of £1,000. However there is another option for those looking to get an iPhone for a price that won’t break your bank – and that’s with a refurbished model. We explain everything you need to know about buying a refurbished iPhone below.

What does it mean if an iPhone is refurbished?

A refurbished iPhone is an old device that’s been upgraded with the newest parts and made to look and feel brand new again! Functioning like a brand-new phone, you cannot go wrong buying refurbished.

Why should I buy refurbished phone instead of a brand new one?

Buying a refurbished phone will save you up to 50% off retail price! This is because the value of a phone decreases massively once a new model has been announced. This however doesn’t mean that the refurbished phone will be any slower than a used one. In fact, all of the iPhones here at Tech Tiger are hand tested to ensure full working capability.

What is the Grading system that Tech Tiger uses?

Grading is our way of letting you know what condition the phone you would like to purchase is in.

  • GRADE A – mint condition, with no scratches
  • GRADE B – Excellent condition, with no screen scratches, and minor body scratches (invisible from 30cm away)
  • GRADE C – Good condition, few screen scratches (invisible from 30cm away and when screen is lit) and few body scratches (invisible from 30cm away)
  • GRADE D – Fair condition, scratches on the screen & body (invisible when screen is lit)

What are the Environmental benefits of buying a used phone?

Buying a refurbished iPhone also has a massive positive impact on the environment. This is because for every iPhone we re-use, this stops a new phone being sold, and the old one being “dumped away”, or left in your draws to waste. Did you know that over 4,000+ tonnes of silver, 380+ tonnes of gold and 200,000 tonnes+ of copper is living in unused mobile phones?

What is the best refurbished iPhone for its price?

If you are looking to buy a refurbished Apple iPhone, currently the iPhone 11 Pro is our best seller currently sitting at £349.99 for a C Grade.

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