Refurbished Apple iPhone 13

The core device released by Apple in 2021, the iPhone 13 instantly became the new classic – embracing all the selling points of previous iPhone devices but with enhanced features and functions. In tandem with the iPhone 13 Mini and Pro devices, the standard iPhone 13 is noted for its breakthrough innovations across both the camera system and the battery life, as well as an improved user experience which enhances integrated apps, editing tools and the way the screen is used.

What’s more, the iPhone 13 perfectly captured the “new normal” as heralded by Apple upon its release, with sleek and angular straight edges and clear-cut buttons for volume and power.

But all of this comes at a cost. This is where iPhone 13 refurbished devices come into their own – offering the same quality but in a device which is second hand and therefore much kinder to your bank balance.

Key Features of the iPhone 13

With defined edges, an advanced dual camera system, and a 6.1 inch screen, the iPhone 13 remains one of the most coveted devices in Apple’s repertoire. Not only does it deliver a cleaner user experience when capturing and editing photos, but its optimised performance means that it responds more quickly and that apps and editing tools alike can be used more delicately and accurately.

The battery life remains a sticking point with smartphone devices that boast multiple different features – however, the iPhone 13 outdoes all earlier models with a battery that lasts all day long even with high intensity and prolonged use.

Add to that the plethora of colours available, the enhanced playback and the integration of 5G, and the iPhone 13 is a smartphone that countless buyers are looking for. So, why should you choose to buy refurbished?

The Tech Tiger Experience: Buying a Refurbished iPhone 13

The portable tech industry is one of the most damaging in terms of e-waste, with consumers constantly looking to own the latest upgrade or get their hands on the most recently released iPhone.

The refurbished device market makes these innovative and updated models more accessible and more environmentally friendly, by breathing a new lease of life into unwanted items and selling them at a more affordable price.

If the iPhone 13 is on your wish list, then choosing a second-hand phone through Tech Tiger couldn’t be easier. Simply search for your ideal device on the product page of our online store and then filter results by colour, storage detail and condition – among other factors. You can purchase devices outright or opt for our trade-in package which sees an existing device you own exchanged for a new piece. If you trade-in, you’ll receive same day payment as soon as we get your product. Plus, benefit from £10 credit towards any Tech Tiger purchase when using our trade-in services!

Finally, to our Condition Grading system, which is something that we are particularly proud of here at Tech Tiger. It enables us to filter devices according to their external condition and any signs of wear and tear, with the working quality of each and every device determined and guaranteed under our Tiger Check Certification. External wear and tear is dependent on the grade and still is thoroughly cleaned and extensively checked by us. There’s also 13-months warranty available too!


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