Refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

When the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max was first released, it was noted as being the largest iPhone that Apple had ever manufactured. The expansive screen hides a plethora of standout features – pushing the price tag of a new 12 Pro Max through the roof on previous collections.

But what if you don’t have the budget for a 12 Pro Max? Well, that’s where our selection of iPhone 12 Pro Max refurbished and preloved devices come in – making the winning features of this device accessible to all consumers. Available to purchase or as part of a trade-in package, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is popular for many reasons – with the next section dedicated to some of those standout features.

Plus, if you choose to trade-in, you’ll receive same day payment as soon as we receive your product. You can also benefit from £10 credit towards any Tech Tiger purchase!

Key Features of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Released as part of the 2020 Apple collection, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a large screen (coming in at 6.7 inches), boasts an impeccable camera system, and has a battery life that rivals any device that came before it.

The combination of the extra large screen and high-level battery life makes this device particularly efficient when it comes to playback and watching videos and movies, while the camera system renders this device as much a creative tool as it is a functional device for everyday communication.

Other notable features include the angular edges, the integration of IOS 15 (with its enhanced apps, maps and messages), and the exceptional display which delivers crystal clear images and outlines.

Understanding the Refurbished Device Grading System

You might be wondering what exactly we mean by refurbished – and whether these devices are subject to damage, wear and tear, or other issues.

Here at Tech Tiger, we operate under a comprehensive grading system, which sees devices assessed from a functional and presentational perspective. Only devices which are in excellent working order are marketed and sold on, with the external conditions and any signs of wear and tear contributing towards the Tech Tiger grading. From like-new devices to those with minor damage to the outer casing, our aim is to be upfront and transparent, so you know what you’re getting. Plus, you get 13-months warranty too!

Why Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Our consumption of technology and consumers’ overarching desire to access the latest technology means that smartphones and other devices are being made at an alarming rate.

Not only does a wasteful attitude to smartphones facilitate the growth of environmental damage through e-waste sites, but the manufacturing of these devices presents its own problems. Which is why more and more consumers are starting to turn towards refurbished devices.

When you buy a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max, you save an unwanted device from going to landfill, and support a market that breathes new life into preloved tech. And with so many devices on offer, from the latest models to older devices, finding the right match for you couldn’t be easier.


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