Buy Refurbished iPhone XS Online

Looking to buy a refurbished iPhone XS? Tech Tiger provides quality devices with a 13-month warranty as standard, a minimum of 80% battery life and FREE next day delivery. Our used iPhone XS model is available from £289.99 and comes in a variety of colours including Space Grey, Silver and Gold. The devices are graded depending on their condition and all are available with the network unlocked.  

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    • Space Grey
    • Silver
    • Gold

    Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB

    The iPhone XS Max is the XS’s big brother. The XS max provides an additional 0.7 inches screen size along...
    £219.99 - £259.99
    • Space Grey
    • Silver
    • Gold

    Apple iPhone XS 64GB

    Similar to the iPhone X the iPhone XS is an all-round upgrade. Apple didn't just reintroduce gold as a colour,...
    £189.99 - £229.99

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    Second-hand iPhone XS

    Your second-hand iPhone XS is an upgrade to the iPhone X phone and boasts the following features:

    • E-Sim – this is the first iPhone model to introduce this feature
    • Performance upgrade with a new chipset, processor and graphics 
    • Face ID unlocking for enhanced security
    • Dual rear camera 
    • Wireless charging
    • Convenient payments through Apple Pay  

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    Used iPhone XS Gradings Explained

    Tech Tiger uses a transparent grading system from A to C so you can understand the quality and condition of the phone you want to buy.

    • Grade A – this is the highest grade of second-hand iPhone XS available – your device will be virtually unmarked with perhaps a blemish of 1-2mm that is almost impossible to spot.
    • Grade B – another great rating, you can expect your iPhone XS to have 2-4 minor blemishes.
    • Grade C – all you’ll need for a grade C device is a phone case and screen protector to cover up 5-8 minor marks caused by general wear and tear.
    • Grade D – all you’ll need is a phone case and screen protector as these handsets come with noticeable marks, such as heavy scratches on the display and/or back glass due to natural wear and tear.

    If you have any questions about availability or our used iPhone XS range, please email or call us on 020 4538 4425.


    This is our top grade and will look as good as new. As a rule of thumb Grade A handsets will be un-marked, on the odd occasion there may be one very minor mark 1-2mm in length. We will let the pictures do the talking!

    This is our second-best quality; devices will be in excellent condition. These tend to have 2-4 minor marks which still are hardly visible when being used. The previous owner has taken great care of this device. We receive great feedback on the condition of these devices, check out these examples!

    This is the most common grade due to the nature of it being used tech. Our Grade C handsets tend to come with 5-8 minor marks. The previous owner has still looked after this device very well but some minor marks have appeared over time. You can get these devices at a great price.

    Grade D handsets are our final grade. These handsets will come with noticeable marks, such as heavy scratches on the display and/or back glass along with some marks on the chasis. The previous owner hasn't popped on a screen protector or case so the device has developed some natural wear and tear