Refurbished Apple iPhone 14

The classic iPhone model from the 2022 collection, released in September, the iPhone 14 was joined by a 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max models. Each of these different models boasts its own standout features and details – however, it’s the iPhone 14 which is considered the classic.

When it was first released, the iPhone 14 marked a number of firsts for Apple both as a brand and as a revolutionary smartphone manufacturer and designer. However, as time goes on, the model has been superseded by even more modern releases – meaning that the market demand for iPhone 14 models is now geared towards the sustainable benefits of buying an iPhone 14 refurbished device.

Features of the iPhone 14 that consumers love

First and foremost, the iPhone 14 has the longest ever battery life, and the most comprehensive camera system and accompanying technology. The iPhone 14 collection also considers the user experience above all else, with a move toward always-on technology that allows elements of the on-screen display to remain illuminated all the time. Finally, it combines a larger screen with a portable design, lighter weight and all the standard buttons and functions expected from an iPhone.

Aside from all the upgrades to its integrated features, the structure of the iPhone 14 is much the same as previous models – even with the larger camera and more complex lens layout. Finally, and something that our customers at Tech Tiger particularly love, is the plethora of colours available – with Apple renowned for its bold and brilliant shades.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone 14 device?

With so many selling points, you might be wondering why buying an iPhone 14 refurbished device is such a popular and in-demand concept.

Well, much of this comes down to the fleeting nature of the technology market. Buying refurbished means that you can benefit from access to one of the most recent collections from Apple without paying the high price tag – a price which is sure to sting as soon as the brand comes out with a newer model and decreases the value of your device tenfold.

What’s more, because buying refurbished is so easy thanks to our comprehensive product page filter and condition grading, customers will find themselves drawn to the price and then enlightened by the added sustainability and environmental benefits. Every device which is refurbished is saved from being discarded as e-waste.

And buying couldn’t be easier.

The next steps

If you’re reading this and thinking that the iPhone 14, or one of its partner models is the right option for you, then this product page will enable you to filter availability based on storage capacity, colour, and condition.

You can also sell devices that you no longer want to Tech Tiger, and find out more about our mission via the About page on our site. Trade-ins are hassle-free with same-day payment and a quick process. We ensure that your experience with us is smooth and convenient, so you can upgrade to the latest tech with ease.


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