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Tech Tiger offers quality refurbished iPhone 8 devices with a 13-month warranty as standard and FREE next day delivery.

Choose from either 64GB storage at £159.99 or the larger 256 GB storage at £189.99. Both are available in a range of colours including Gold, Silver, Space Grey and Red and come with the network unlocked.

Main features of the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 was the first model to introduce wireless charging and also introduced the sleek glass finish to the back that really catches the eye. Apple Pay and Fingerprint scanner are both available.

Performance is upgraded from previous iPhone versions as the processor has been changed from a quad to Hexa-core.

The benefits of buying a second-hand iPhone 8

If you’re struggling to afford the latest iPhone model, then a refurbished model is a cost-effective compromise that is better for the environment too. The quality of a used iPhone 8 you’ll receive from Tech Tiger is a similar quality to the original version, but at a far more affordable price.

Buying the right used iPhone 8

Tech Tiger sells refurbished iPhone 8 devices that are graded from Grade A to C depending on their quality and condition. All iPhones are sold with a minimum of 80% battery capacity, which is normal as phones are used.

  • Grade A – a top grade iPhone 8 that will be virtually unmarked with perhaps a minor mark of 1-2mm in length
  • Grade B – an excellent condition used iPhone 8 with 2-4 minor marks that are hardly visible when in use
  • Grade C – the most common grade with perhaps 5-8 marks due to natural wear and tear. These can usually be covered with a phone case and screen protector

Browse our second-hand iPhone 8 range to find the device you’re looking for. If you have any queries you can Chat With Us online or contact our support team at or call us on 020 4538 4425.

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