Refurbished Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Released as part of Apple’s 2021 iPhone collection, the iPhone 13 Mini was introduced to the market as having a leading camera system, an impressive battery enhancement and a sleek design with flat edges and a series of popular colours.

Every annual collection announced and released by Apple seeks to make improvements to the user experience, often focussing on battery life, the camera and the functional use of the screen and built-in features. The iPhone 13 Mini delivers this in a device which is powerful but compact in size.

However, the smaller size of the iPhone 13 Mini doesn’t make it any less of an investment for buyers – which is why an increasing number of buyers are seeking out iPhone 13 Mini refurbished devices.

Key Features of the Apple iPhone 13

With a 5.4 inch screen, which sits neatly alongside the iPhone 13 Pro with its 6.1 inch display, the 13 Mini might be smaller, but it is by no means an inferior device.

Some of the highlighting features that surround the iPhone 13 Mini include an advanced camera system, an industry-leading IP68 rating for water resistance, and the most secure facial authentication system of any smartphone device to date.

In comparison to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Mini, this device offers an additional 90 minutes of battery life and embodies a huge step forward in terms of the camera display and editing system. Photos are steadier, the wide camera creates better landscape shots, and cinematic mode enables even better portrait images and video clips.

The Rise in Refurbished Devices – Buying from Tech Tiger

With the iPhone 13 Mini such a popular device, particularly among buyers seeking an advanced but compact smartphone, we are seeing a rise in demand for refurbished devices. Which brings us to the offer available from Tech Tiger.

Primed to buy, refurbish and resell devices from existing smartphone owners, here at Tech Tiger, we bridge the environmental benefits of refurbished devices with the money-saving benefits loved by our customers.

Find Your Perfect Device (at a Price You’ll Love!)

There are several benefits to buying refurbished devices, spanning environmental and sustainable causes. However, for most consumers, the number one reason to buy a second-hand device is the financial aspect.

When you buy a refurbished smartphone, you can access innovative models and new releases at low prices – with our condition grading system and selection of filters giving you control over the finer details of your device and its condition.

All devices that we market and sell have passed through our in-house checks, been refurbished to a high standard and are in good working order. Our Tiger Check Certification promise guarantees that devices are subject only to external wear and tear and are otherwise fully operational. External wear and tear depends on the grade, with each device we receive being thoroughly cleaned and extensively checked. Plus, with Tech Tiger you benefit from 13-month warranty!

For more information on how Tech Tiger works and to browse our available devices, visit our website or get in touch today.


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