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Exciting Announcement: Samsung Unpacked 2023

Apr 11, 2023Michael Francis Blackman

Have you heard about Samsung Unpacked?

A livestream event which takes place on an annual basis, Samsung Unpacked is like the equivalent of a new season launch fashion show for major designer brands – enabling the Samsung organisation to launch and build excitement around their new releases, innovative products, and company changes.

While here at Tech Tiger we focus largely on refurbished Samsung phones and the market around preloved and second hand devices, knowing what the brand is launching in the coming season is integral to benchmarking our prices according to the quality of existing models and their features. So, this year we tuned into the Samsung Unpacked 2023 livestream to find out what’s coming – with some of the key headlines and takeaways explored and outlined in this blog.  

What to expect from Samsung Unpacked

With a dramatic opening and keynote speech from the President and Head of Samsung Business, the annual Unpacked event focussed on the launch of the 2023 Samsung Galaxy products. Featuring an exclusive look at the three new products, the event not only shared the selling points and key features of these headline products but also shared some detail about the upcoming Galaxy Book 3 series of laptops.

But to maximise interest in the new range of Samsung products, we think it’s important to dissect Samsung’s place on the market alongside other big players like Apple – known for their innovative designs and exclusive range of Apple apps which integrate solely with their iPhone devices. With that said, what makes Samsung special on the smartphone market – and why do Samsung products continue to drive interest across the second hand technology market as well as among retail buyers and sellers?

The benefits of Samsung

Every year sees brand new releases of Samsung phones, which like the Apple range of iPhones boast increasingly clear-cut cameras, premium displays, and vast integrated app systems which enable the devices to do everything from record to edit, create, and more. In addition to the features which grow better every year, Samsung’s phones bridge the gap between function and user experience – ensuring that even the most complex phones boast a sleek design which compliments the user’s lifestyle and which are as focussed on design and aesthetics as on user function. An example of this lies in the larger displays, the thinner structures, and the subtle cameras and buttons which make the entire screen feel immersive and uninterrupted in terms of display.

Samsung is the biggest smartphone brand in the world, and is the largest manufacturer using the Android operational system – delivering value for money and devices which, while growing ever more complex, are intuitive to use and suitable for a wide range of uses regardless of your lifestyle and priorities.

With that said, what’s coming this year that was announced at Samsung Unpacked?

Headline announcements from Samsung Unpacked 2023

The biggest launch revolved around the three devices that will make up the Samsung Galaxy S23 range. This range encompasses the standard Galaxy S23 which boasts all the existing benefits of the S22 but with better gaming integrations and screen resolution, the Galaxy S23 Plus which will offer better storage and a cleaner design, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The last phone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, was the star of the Samsung Unpacked event owing to its tougher screen, long lasting battery, faster memory, and enhanced storage which ensures that you never run out of space on your device. Finally, this model is Samsung’s first dip into the advanced 200MP sensor camera – something which will ensure that every photo taken is of the highest possible quality.

Other announcements worth noting include:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Book 3, a laptop which is light with excellent screen resolution and versatile structure.
  • The launch of One UI 5.1 hardware which is set to optimise the experience of users across specific Android apps.

You can learn more about the announcements in greater detail by watching the Unpacked event yourself on YouTube, or why not browse our collection of in-stock Samsungs to start your journey towards becoming a Samsung convert.

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