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Which Samsung phone should I buy?

Aug 18, 2022Michael Francis Blackman


Samsung is widely known as one of the best manufacturers of technology, releasing a variety of phones, Tablets, smartwatches and laptops every year! Samsung offer devices for every price range, making it affordable for everyone.

When referring to phones, Samsung have lots of varieties to choose from, such as the A series, S series and note series – the list goes on! How to choose the right Samsung model for you is dependent on what you are looking for in a phone, whether that be the spec, camera quality or overall design.

The S series

Every year Samsung release a new S series model. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S1 – S10, then S20 to now the Samsung Galaxy S22. The S series have always been the most popular Samsung models as they are renowned for their all-round performance. The S series are usually kitted out with the best cameras, a very good battery life and are usually a small and stylish design. The phone also comes in a variety of sizes and specs, with the S20 being the first model to introduce the FE range, which is a more affordable version of the phone with less specs and the ULTRA range which is an upgraded version of the phone, for high performance users. The S series comes in different colours to give you more of a choice of which device you want.

The NOTE series

Along with the S Series, Samsung release a new NOTE every year. The Samsung Galaxy NOTE range is a very good phone, usually with a bigger screen and an S-pen, which is ideal for people who prefer more screen size. The NOTE range was also made with better specifications to aid things with higher graphics such as gaming. The NOTE range usually comes with a minimum of 256GB and can range up to 1TB+ so these phones are built for memory! The NOTE range is available in a nice range of colours with Samsung introducing the Mystic Bronze colour on the note 20. With the release of the S22 however came the end of the note range, as Samsung thought it would be best to merge the 2 models together to give the user cutting edge technology at their fingertips.

The FLIP AND FOLD series

The Samsung flip and fold are one of the newest editions to the family, with the new technology of a folding phone, these are the coolest of the Samsung family. With the Samsung fold starting out as a narrow phone that is neat and tidy, to then open to a 7.6-inch screen, it is best for gaming, writing notes or anything that requires a bigger screen for. With the Samsung Flip folding up to as little as 3.4 inches to preserve space, this phone has some super handy features, such as a backwards facing screen to take selfies. This phone is very cool but will leave a fair dent in your pockets price wise, in comparison to other models. With the new flip 3 you can customise the phone to have multiple colours of your choice.

The A series

The Samsung A series is known as the more budget friendly model, where the specifications are minimal and more suited for those who don’t need a phone for more than basic tasks. If this sounds like you, then the A series could be an ideal model for you, and it will save you a lot of money for those features you probably wouldn’t use anyway! On the plus side, the A series comes in a variety of colours that won’t go a miss, such as Awesome white, Awesome Black, Awesome Peach and Awesome blue.

Our verdict

Overall, we think all Samsung’s are good for different reasons, so depending on what you want to use the phone for should be which Samsung model you decide to buy. Whether you’re going for gaming, work use, style or cost effectiveness, Samsung have you covered in all aspects!

If you wanted Tech Tiger’s vote, the S21 is our pick, with its stylish design, fast operating system and good amount of storage! If you have any questions regarding our Samsung phones or anything else you see on the site, please get in touch with team by calling 020 4538 4425 or emailing support@tech-tiger.co.uk.

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