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Why Tech Tiger?

Mar 16, 2024Amy Williams

Why Tech Tiger?

If you want to choose a sustainable option when it comes to buying yourself technology, refurbished is always the greener option over buying new. Let us introduce ourselves as Tech Tiger, and let you know exactly what we stand for when it comes to offering the highest quality tech, at unbelievable prices, whilst putting you and our planet first too. 

The Leaders of the Pack 

When we say we put you and the planet first, this is what we pride ourselves on. No matter what type of query you have, we ensure that you have access to our customer service team who will answer anything you have to ask about the tech you’re intending to buy, or have already purchased. If you look at our Trust Pilot reviews, we have an outstanding 5/5 stars, with our customers praising the support they received alongside the products themselves. We want to lead the way in being there for you when you need it. Buying from us isn’t just a purchase, but we have a relationship, and its an experience where you make meaningful change. 

You may buy from us and help our planet without even noticing. The purchase you make offsets carbon emissions and doesn’t contribute to e-waste. We have a mission to expand the lifespan of technology, to abolish the 2 year expiry dates that most phones tend to have. Each piece of tech that we sell has a story; the person who held it last has memories and a tale attached to the phone, that’s then passed on to someone new to create new ones with. That’s not saying that you notice any of that though. When you buy a new piece of tech, it’s as good as new, and has been through 60+ diagnostics checks to ensure that the technology is in impeccable condition. Each product has been ‘Tiger Check Certified’, which is proof that you need that the tech is genuine and up to standard. You receive a brilliant product, without harming the environment. 

Whilst we’re focusing on buying tech, you can also trade your old one in and get £10 off of your purchase. Or even if you’re not wanting one right now, you can earn cash by trading in your old phone! Delve into your drawers and find those old phones and tablets, and trade them in for some money that you can put towards some new devices, or simply put away for whatever you want. Summer holidays are coming up after all…

Going to the simpler stuff, we also offer one of the longest warranties in the industry. You will get 13 months warranty with each purchase, and like we say, you’ll have us on hand to help whenever you need it, as we are contactable on social channels and email. You can even pay on Klarna too, if you want to split the payments over a time period. This means that  your purchase suits you.

Our Mission to Expand the Lifespan of Tech

Whether you’re looking for a new smart watch, mobile phone, laptop, airpods or tablet, join us as Leaders of the Pack, paving the way for a more sustainable process in the tech world. To round up, buying refurbished is cheaper for you, and better for our world. Not to mention the relationship and peace of mind that we give you, with 13 months warranty, next day delivery and an option to pay monthly for  your purchase. Like we say, check TrustPilot to back us up. We can’t wait for you to join our pack and claw back e-waste!

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