Refurbished Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Whenever Apple launches a new collection, it combines a range of options with differing prices, features, structures and details.

While Tech Tiger offers all different models at unrivalled prices, with a range of iPhone 14 Plus refurbished devices alongside the classic 14 model, the 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max, knowing the difference between all these different models is important for consumers.

The iPhone 14 Plus has all the hallmarks of the classic iPhone 14, but with a larger screen and a longer battery life. Despite being very small and largely surface-level differences, these variations matter to buyers – and knowing which is best for your lifestyle is important.

Features of the iPhone 14 Plus

A quick look at the iPhone 14 Plus will show you that this device is not only larger in terms of screen size and battery life, but also in price tag. Compared with the classic 14, it is marginally more expensive owing to the larger size – though the camera technology and built-in features are largely the same.

A plethora of extra benefits and features were released alongside the 14 collection in 2022, including a dual-camera system, a safety service with integrated emergency SOS satellite signal and the best battery life ever. The 14 collection also boasts the always-on tool which ensures that users can see the time, the date, view a timer or alarm, and see news updates and headlines at all times without tapping their screen.

A few other features that iPhone 14 Plus owners in particular have heralded are the quicker charge to full battery and the prolonged video playback time which is higher than the classic 14 model and all preceding models. So, why buy refurbished?

Choosing a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus

While the iPhone 14 Plus is considered a coveted device now, the reality of the technology and smartphone industry is that the device will soon become outdated.

This means that an investment into one of these 2022 models today will quickly be overtaken by other models. In fact, you need only look at the speed with which Apple launches each new collection to see this in practice.

This is where Tech Tiger comes in. Buying a refurbished smartphone, especially one as modern as an iPhone 14 Plus, means that you unlock access to all the coveted features without paying the high price tag of a brand-new device.

Refurbished devices cost much less than the retail market value of a new device and also support a recycled scheme which saves devices from being discarded as e-waste. Finally, the condition grading and the selection of filters make it possible if not super easy to find the model that best suits you and your needs. Simply browse the available devices using the grading system which ranges from an excellent A rating to a slightly marked D.


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