Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G

Released as the flagship Galaxy Plus device of the 2023 season, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G follows in the footsteps of other Plus models – capturing the larger screen size but without the high price tag of the classic Galaxy model.

With the biggest difference across the S23 range focussing on the size of the device and screen, it’s safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G comes with a host of user benefits – but how does it compare with other smartphones from a lifetime value perspective?

As Samsung, like Apple and other manufacturers have proven with their annual releases, the smartphone and portable technology market is fluid and ever-changing. The latest device becomes outdated within months of its release, creating demand in an alternative market: the second hand and refurbished market.

Could this be your sign to consider Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G refurbished devices? Let’s take a closer look.

Key features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G

Before we dive into the benefits of buying a refurbished model, it’s important to first know which models you are interested in.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G combines its larger screen with a bespoke processor fitted inside the device which allows everyday tools and features to become slightly smoother and clear-cut. From gaming to video editing, the upgrades are not vast or particularly noticeable from the outset, but they are beneficial to an extent.

An array of built-in AI features optimise the way the device is used, while the refreshed design includes a fingerprint reader and pinpoint selfie camera which, while small, captures the setting in crystal clear detail on screen.

This is not the largest smartphone on the market, but nor is it the smallest – with consumers tending to feel that the bright and responsive screen is one of the main selling points of this particular smartphone.

With all that said, are you looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus brand new, or are you open to explore the refurbished market?

Buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G

A refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G offers a plethora of options with regards to data size and storage, colour, and condition. Ranking all second hand devices by condition means that we can match consumers with the right model for them – be it a like-new device or something with some minor exterior wear and tear but which is still in good working order. Plus, every device undergoes thorough inspection and receives Tiger Check Certification, ensuring it’s top-quality.

Buying a refurbished smartphone through Tech Tiger isn’t just an accessible way to get your hands on a 2023 model Samsung Galaxy smartphone at a lower price, but also has environmental benefits – saving unwanted devices from landfill and extending the lifespan of devices which are in good working order.

With an ever-changing line-up of Samsung and other devices available second hand, browse Tech Tiger’s website for more.


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