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Plant A Tree And Offset E-Waste

Mar 24, 2024Amy Williams

Plant A Tree And Offset E-Waste

There’s two things that we do alongside providing high quality tech for customers: help the planet by offsetting e-waste, and planting a tree with every order. We believe that the life of tech should be expanded to live in a more sustainable world, whilst not sacrificing the standard of the product, and being completely transparent about the product grade. Refurbished technology creates long lasting change, but what we want to know is, really how does it all connect?

How Does Refurbished Tech Help the Environment?

We’ve spoken about it before, but e-waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world. To make positive change, if everyone does their bit with sustainability action, we will decrease the amount of e-waste year on year. By buying refurbished technology such as laptops and phones, it considerably reduces the carbon footprint on our planet. 

Specifically, if you do it the Tech Tiger way, we have a 360 degree solution for the life of tech to help the future of our planet. We want each individual to trade in their tech and buy refurbished, so that the cycle of refurbished tech can continue with minimal harm to the planet. Trade in your tech with our pre-paid label and get same day payment, as well as a £10 credit to buy a new tech device to replace your old one. Just as your old will be refurbished for someone new! If we continue this cycle then we will offset e-waste, and slow down the amount that it is increasing in our current climate. 

With every purchase at Tech Tiger, we also plant a tree to also help to offset the carbon emissions of our electronic devices. Trees are essential in mitigating climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) during photosynthesis, so this is every help to make our devices carbon neutral. Of course, planting trees doesn’t just offset carbon emissions, but also reaps so many other environmentally friendly benefits, such as providing habitats for wildlife to thrive, improving air quality, and reducing soil erosion. Not to mention trees helping to cool down urban areas by providing shade and cooling effects. We plant trees with our orders to add to this knock on effect; with more trees, the better.

Plant A Tree And Offset E-Waste with Tech Tiger

Join us as leaders of the pack and help us to expand the lifespan of tech; be part of our mission and change your stripes to help the planet and your bank balance. By purchasing refurbish tech instead of new, you’re reducing the carbon footprint on the earth and paving the way for a greener future. Be orange, and change your stripes, for a green planet.

Want to help us expand the lifespan of tech? Trade in your old device here or buy refurbished devices for your next tech purchase!

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