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Should I Buy an Apple Watch?

Mar 23, 2024Amy Williams

Should I Buy An Apple Watch?

Whether you’re getting into fitness or you realise life is getting slightly hectic, an Apple Watch can provide both the organisation and the health tracking you’re after. Even though it may be a piece of tech that primarily gives you health insights, it also provides a whole host of tools to help you keep on top of things with your work and home life. With different features applicable to help you reach your specific goals, we’re here to help you decide whether it’s worth it and which one you should get. Let’s delve straight in and discuss whether they’re worth it…

Is an Apple Watch Worth it?

When it comes to assessing the benefits of an Apple Watch, it’s really quite subjective. The things you have to consider are things like your lifestyle, your involvement with tech and your other tech devices. It depends on exactly what you want the Apple Watch to provide you with and then you can work out which model is worth your purchase. So, let’s answer the question: are Apple Watches worth it?

First of all, think about the most simple factors that are associated with buying an Apple Watch. For example, you need to have an iPhone in order to connect your Apple Watch, so if you’re an Android lover, this is your first Apple Watch blocker. Although, you do have some compatible watches to choose from such as Samsung Smart Watches.

Second of all, even though it may seem pretty obvious, there’s no point in purchasing an Apple Watch if you don’t like things on your wrist. The reason for this is that if you don’t have the watch on your wrist most of the time then it won’t be measured correctly. Additionally, because it’s on your wrist all day, you need to make sure that you're happy with being alerted all day, too. Really consider if you want your stats and notifications to be quite literally strapped to you, as there’s no getting away from them! It’s all personal preference, but if you’re good with those, the pros outweigh them.

So, what’s the point of an Apple Watch and is it worth it? Apple Watches can give you what other pieces of tech can’t, and that’s the fact that it’s strapped to you, so you have the precision and the timeliness that you wouldn’t get with other devices. No matter if you are intensely tracking your fitness, or just want to causally monitor it, then they can help you. Similarly, if you are on the go and want to check notifications, calls or simple things like your calendar and the weather, it provides the value of convenience.

Which Apple Watch Should I Buy?

Been hitting the gym a bit harder this year? Or perhaps you’ve just got into running? Whatever your fitness priority, the best Apple Watch for fitness depends on the level of tracking that you want to put into your movement and workouts. To have a quick rundown, let’s have a look at the different models that you could have seen online and are debating between. With different styles and models available, decide which suits you the most. You can get your notifications, calls, and fitness tracking from most Apple Watches, but it depends on what level you want them at.



The Apple Watch SE has less premium features, but it’s the most standard watch that is a good entry-level pick. If you’re looking for a casual wearable, with a whole host of features that will track your fitness but also allow you to complete life admin tasks such as see notifications and make calls, then this one could be at the top of your list.

The Apple Watch Series 9 has a premium combination of tracking capability, functionality and value, and this is the best standard watch if you are looking to have the basic features at great quality. From previous models, it’s got Siri access and a brighter display, with improved location precision to name but a few upgrade features.

If you’re an outdoor athlete, then the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is going to be the one for you, because this was built specifically for advanced activities, with a greater battery life and a larger model - depending on your level of health activity, it could be the best Apple Watch for fitness.

You might also be asking yourself questions on whether you should get an Apple Watch or Fitbit. With both of these products, you can track your fitness depending on your main focus. A Fitbit has better goal-setting metrics than an Apple Watch, however, the Apple Watch has better workouts. They are both swim-proof, and they both gather good health insights whereas Fitbits tend to be slimmer in design.

So, Should I Buy an Apple Watch?

Apple watches are no doubt an investment if you are planning on using a device to better your fitness tracking or your life admin. Never miss a notification, and you can have access to all your life tracking just a quick glance away. There are some factors that you should assess first before making the purchase, but all in all, if your lifestyle aligns then they are a great asset to have!

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